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by John Hartig

"Hold it! I think you're going to like this picture!"

My pastime was not always web design here in the Niagara Region. I started out as a photojournalist, then a teacher, then a once in a while weddng photographer...and only then, a web designer for my own sites, and now an author in our cozy little village of Vineland!

Still, that quotation, "Hold it...!", has always been near and dear to my heart. It was the famous television line from The Bob Cummings Show of the late 1950s. He said that to the audience at the beginning of every show and then flashed the camera at them. I liked watching that comedy show when I was a kid. Bob Cummings' profession was, of course, photographer. In the 1950s, he would have known all about weddings but he would have known nothing about web design. Therefore I count it a double blessing that I was able to do both things, on occasion, as a hobby. It's a great way for a retired person to keep busy, plus I read a lot, and write.

John Hartig
Niagara Web Design
Author-Photographer-Web Designer

Phone: (905) 562-7821

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Niagara Web Design


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Niagara Web Design

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