Niagara Scenery Photography

Niagara Scenery Photography

John's Photo Philosophy


Niagara Scenery Photography You'd think that photography and philosophy had nothing to do with each other. Wrong! Morals, pride, the skill, the art, the passion, and the wisdom that go into taking nice pictures have indeed a lot to do with each other. So, yes, John Hartig does have a "photo philosophy."

That caricature of an over-equiped camera man is not me. I am uncluttered. What matters is the pictures I capture in my weddings and engagements. I can create something to be proud of without all that messy paraphernalia, and I take great pride and time in doing that well. This applies to my scenery pictures too!

So, I don't have a studio or a fancy office. My studio is my camera, my office is my computer. When I meet people, I deal with them face to face, no pretense! I don't deal in fancy "accoutrements".

I find that my retirement years have given me a certain philosophy towards my photographic work because I don't face the pressure of a "career" anymore . I handle this pastime on my own terms, and whether the couple is young or old, pretty or plain, I deal with them according to their needs and I take my time to give them the best that I can do -- which I know is -- pretty good!

If I were Cyrano de Bergerac [in Rostand's play], I might say, "I have a nose for pictures!" Cyrano was concerned about substance and not the frills.

Excerpt from:   Cyrano de Bergerac , Play by Edmund Rostand  
[Original French 1897 - Eng. Trans. 1954 by Anthony Burgess]

Valvert on Cyrano:   "In boorish clothes, no gloves, no frills, no lace,
No ribbons, no trim knots upon his white coat!"  

Cyrano:   "I wear my decorations in my mind.
Clothes make the man, and so I have to be
More careful if less vain...
What shining gems I own, I wear inside. [ The First Act ]


Niagara Scenery Photo Philosophy



Niagara Scenery Photography

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Niagara Scenery Photography