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Vineland Author

Vineland AuthorJohn Hartig is proud to be an author living in Vineland. Vineland is a cozy little village within the Niagara Region. Living here feeds the soul and inspires the mind. Beautiful area, Niagara! I know what it's like to stare at a blank screen! Often a little walk around Vineland will pull me out of my doldrums. There's always hope in a pad and pencil, or a keyboard, provided of course, you have a little talent at the end of your fingertips.

Whether you feel like time blows by like a relentless wind or whether you feel like it simply drags on like an endless summer, you've got to take time to enjoy your surroundings, sometimes to photograph the beauty within it, sometimes to paint it, and sometimes just to write it down. Yes, it's great to be an author in Vineland!


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Canadian author - John Hartig

John is retired. He has decided to make himself available to other seniors in NIagara who want to become more comfortable with the computer, their digital camera, or maybe just some advice on writing. Maybe you are stuck in your own great Canadian crime novel or maybe it's your memoir or your family history? Maybe you want to create a nicely designed website for your wedding, your ancestry or small business? John can design that for you and also host the website! Maybe you want to get your novel or ancestry published? John can help you get that done too.

Let's see: writing and Niagara web design? Oh yes, the camera! John is willing to go on field trips around the Niagara Region with you and your camera [his own too, of course] to capture those lovely scenic photos that you've always wanted for your living room or bedroom wall? It might just cost you a coffee and a doughnut at the end of a photographic jaunt with John, well maybe some gas money too. Who knows? John likes to spend companiable time with people and their cameras. He is also adept at the scanner and photoshop, and he also has a collection of scenic prints for sale. Slip over to his Niagara Scenery Photo Gallery for a moment to take a peek.

Meanwhile, think photography! Spring and autumn in Niagara have such lovely colours. Why miss them?

Yours truly,
Canadian Author/ Niagara Web Designer/ Niagara Scenery Photographer
John Hartig

Ph: 905-562-7821.


Vineland Author

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Vineland Author